Legal Agreement

Because of all of the controversy going on with downloaded music and internet radio stations being shut down and held liable for broadcasting, it has been suggested that we include some type of a legal agreement and disclaimer to be clear as to the use of the content contributed to Localtone Radio. This is not meant to scare anyone from contributing. On the contrary, we want the Localtone Radio community to give credit where credit is due for contributed content and have everyone follow the legal copyright laws.

Localtone Radio is very serious about copyright material. Anyone who is using the site to post material that they are not the owner, both in terms of audio and lyrics will have their account suspended and be reported to the true owner of the material.

Localtone Radio reserves the right to use your audio to promote your band on the Localtone Radio social networking site ( such as MySpace and Facebook) pages. Any material we post on the site, your band name will be included along with a link to your website. We will never attempt to steal traffic to your website or your files. Besides social networking sites, Localtone Radio also reserves the right to use your audio in our promotional advertisement.

It also must be noted that uploaded audio, due to limitations in the open source player we are using, is able with some technical knowledge to be downloaded by users of Localtone Radio. The short story is that if you are contributing audio, listeners do have a way (albeit not trivial) to download those audio files. We don't see this as a major issue, since local bands in most all cases WANT users to have full access to their material. We are however in the process of implementing a new player to fix this limitation.

Localtone Radio was founded with the focus to help local artists who are currently or have at one time been based in the Minneapolis, MN metro area to publicize themselves. You can trust that we will in no way use your audio in poor taste. If you would not like to be have your audio included in any promotions or on our social network sites, you may contact us at the link below to opt out.

Please contact us with any questions you may have on this agreement.

Justin Grammens
Localtone Radio