Localtone Radio offers three types of methods to listen to audio. All of which are completely free and don't require you login or provide any information.

25 Most Popular Songs - This is a 128 Kbs MP3 playlist of songs that contain the most popular songs in the system. You are able to skip and pick and choose which songs you wish to hear. This is similar to a playlist on an iPod for example.
25 Least Popular Songs - This is the same as the most popular songs, but as the name suggests, these are the songs with least amount of votes currently in the system.
Streaming Audio - This is a 128 Kbs MP3 stream that will continually select the most popular audio in the system - similar to the way an FM radio station works. This is the most intense on our servers in terms of processor and memory usage so we limit the number of people using this method to a small number. The other methods have unlimited users.
ITunes Compatible. Click on the icon and select to open the file in ITunes. It's as simple as that to start listening to the streaming audio from Localtone Radio.
Happy listening!